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65 Member  Orchestra in Sunrise, Florida

Eduard Ciobotaru hails from Bucharest, the capital of Romania, where he studied Opera, Broadway Musicals, and Operetta at the National University of Music.

While in Bucharest, Eduard performed as a vocal soloist at the Operetta Theater for many years. In addition, he won First Place at the Broadway Musical competition and also composed and performed for the primary TV station in Romania.

In 1999, Eduard and his family moved to South Florida, where he secured a career position as a music teacher for Broward County Public Schools, the second largest public-school system in Florida.

Eduard Ciobotaru has successfully balanced his life roles as educator and composer-singer-musician. His newest CD release, “Move To The Beat,” is a musical gem that sparkles with positivity, energy, and sincerity. At present, Eduard and his wife Cristina live with their sons David and Kevin in Sunrise, Florida, where they are all committed to their faith, finding it to be a genuine source of strength and comfort in their lives.

Eduard Ciobotaru